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Water & Sanitation

- Low cost: Per capita cost of Rs. 700 as compared to Rs. 7000 for conventional systems

No risk of external contamination

Based on primary water sources

Reduces drudgery of women and children

Leads to improved personal hygiene and sanitation




Grassroots provides grant assistance with local villagers typically contributing 20% of the cost.   Demand for these grants far exceeds our available funds.  If you’d like to see the expansion of this life-changing technology please click here to donate


Chronic water shortages are being felt across the Himalaya.  Springs and streams have dried up.  The lack of vegetal cover needed to recharge primary water resources combined with an increasing population has rendered traditional water collection systems insufficient for meeting local needs This causes immense hardship for women to collect water from distant sources and is responsible for an increase in water-borne disease.


The need for a reliable and accessible year round water supply has led to Grassroots implementing infiltration wells for drinking water and rainwater-harvest systems for sanitation purposes.  


Click here for more information on Drinking Water and Sanitation.




Infiltration Well Benefits


Click to view Water Infiltration Well Video: