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With the transformation of Mahila Umang Samiti to Mahila Umang Producers company Ltd. The unit was inaugurated 21st January 2010 which marked the presence of its shareholders .All the women enthusiastically participated in the inauguration and pledged to increase the production by many folds.

Mahila Umang Producers Company Unit inauguration (21 January 2010):

World Water Day (22 March 2010):

Dusad Gadhera Manch with the support of Grassroots organized the World Water Day for this D-day, the villagers from Kanari, Mallegad, Dusad etc. were cordially invited. In all, total of 1500 villagers overwhelmingly participated and expressed their concern This event marked very significant importance as all the villagers in synergy raised clarion in support of water conservation.