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5. Enable self help groups to evolve as community based organizations which would harness tributaries of local energy for

- Revival of traditional soil and moisture conservation measures

- Protection of bio-diversity in village catchment areas

And thereby reverse the ‘tragedy of the commons’.


6. Enable clusters of community based organizations to work in tandem with the state regarding protection and conservation of larger catchment areas (under the jurisdiction of the latter), which directly impact the hydrology of river basins.




We at Grassroots assist communities achieve the Millennium Development Goals as well as mitigate and adapt to the pressures of Climate Change.

Our Specific Objectives are to:



1. Increase the per capita availability of potable drinking water through infiltration wells.


2. Reduce the pressure on fragile springs through rooftop rainwater harvesting in order to increase the availability of water for other domestic purposes.


3. Break the cycle of water borne diseases through sanitary facilities for 100% of households in the community.



Ener gy

4. Access clean and renewable domestic energy for cooking through household biogas units and thereby reduce the biotic pressure on precious forest resources as well as impact on the health of the family.


8. Promote livelihood improvement opportunities and support the establishment of producer-organisations which would supplement incomes through value addition to local produce.


9. Build on the capacity of people at various levels in order to develop leadership:  Women-in-panchayats, Barefoot Engineers and Hdrologists, Youth as change-makers at the grassroots

10. Document and disseminate information to enable key stakeholders/policy makers to participate in the process of change and development at the grassroots.


11. Network with NGOs as partners-in-change for consolidating the gains of appropriate technology applications, which directly improve the quality of life.


7. Impact upon the food security scenario through sustained improvements in the flow of nature’s bounty and changes in land use and livestock management.



Sustainable Agriculture


Sharing & Learning

Our Objectives: