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We work in cross-cutting sectors – drinking water, environmental sanitation, renewable energy, catchment area treatment, rainwater harvesting, land use and animal husbandry, sustainable community development strategies, training and technology transfer, micro enterprises and marketing – with the idea of promoting overall, sustainable development. For example, to make drinking water accessible to villagers through infiltration wells, it is not simply a matter of setting up wells but getting the communities organized to manage them, giving them access to technical support for maintenance, training them in catchment area treatment, even encouraging them to set up nurseries for the purpose of raising rootstock of native species of trees and shrubs.

Nothing epitomizes our twin-pronged approach – participatory and holistic – better than our network of Barefoot Engineers known as the Kumaon Artisans Guild.  Trained in the installation and maintenance of appropriate technology, the Guild has been spearheading the spread of sustainable development across the central and western Himalaya in partnership with community-based organisations
Sustainable Development

Reductions in farm livelihoods have contributed to urban migration for local men.  The Guild has built upon the skills of local youth enabling them to become Master Masons and enjoy fulfilling livelihoods in the region of their birth.   In addition, employing locals who have a stake in the effectiveness of the technology and are on-hand to provide repairs or maintenance has ensured the long-term success of AT applications.


Grassroots began selecting and training local youth in Kumaon in the early 1990's in the application of appropriate technology (AT) in cross-cutting sectors such as drinking water, environmental sanitation, renewable energy, roof run-off rainwater harvesting and shelter. Registered as a non-profit since 2001, the Guild now has over 50 members.  Click here to meet the team.

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All projects undertaken by the Kumaon Artisans Guild are funded with an initial grant from reputed Trust/s and Grassroots. In every area demand for grants is greater than the available funds.    If you’d like to support the expansion of these life-changing technologies please click here to donate.


Barefoot Engineers

Local Employment


Our  Work

Our ATs  are helping to improve the lives of over 60,000 people spread across 12 districts in the states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Drinking water

– 375 villages,

Environmental Sanitation

– 3180 households

Renewable Energy

– 1230 households

Rainwater Harvesting

– 350 households


The Results