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Grassroots has helped small and marginal farmers optimise on-farm production of traditional rainfed crops  to supplement family income.  Through Umang we have worked  to create market value for such farm produce under the Kumaoni and Himkhadya labels.    In the future, we hope to initiate a whole new network of community owned producer groups.

Environmental and market challenges have led to food shortages across the region.  We’ve promoted the trade of grains between communities that have a surplus with those who have a deficit via the Self Help Group network.   Ensuring villagers have a year-round supply and building a sustainable local food network.   



Grassroots has promoted free range poultry on a domestic level to further enhance local food security.   Households are encouraged to own hens, improving the protein quota of the family diet while any surplus can be traded on the local market.



Traditional crops such as Jhingora (barnyard millet) had fallen out of production.  Yet these rain-fed crops thrive in this region.  We’ve helped to reintroduce these millets by improving processing and creating market value through the Himkhadya brand name.

Small scale farmers by their very nature are organic.  It’s the optimal farming system for our people and increasing the choice of discerning consumers.  We’ve initiated organic certification for our farmers to further develop their market opportunities for walnuts, pomegranates and other farm produce.   


Food Security

Free Range Poultry

Market Value

Organic Certification