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Self Help Groups

Managing ones own destiny requires a degree of forward planning.   But for rural women having the required confidence, knowledge and funds to access banking institutions or insurance facilities can feel out hopelessly out of reach.   Grassroots through Umang has encouraged women to form Self-Help Groups, generally a group of 15-20 neighbours and friends who meet regularly to support each other on a financial and personal basis.  For many this is but the first step in building greater confidence and independence.

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Sustainable Development

Each SHG also operates its own bank account, teaching members to save, and providing low-interest small loans whenever needed.  This gives women confidence to manage their own affairs and critically liberates them from rapacious money lenders.  More recently some SHGs have purchased health insurance policies for their members.

The benefits of working together with neighbours is not restricted to women. Grassroots is also encouraging small-scale farmers to form SHG collectives in the following areas:

- Fruit Production

- Bee Keepering

- Free Range Poultry

- Spice Production

Fair Trade Livelihoods

SHGs are the first step in women participating more widely within the local community.  Members have been elected as village leaders at the Village Development Council or Panchayat Raj level.  



Sustainable Development

Gita Mehta and Radha Sati are both SHG leaders.   Click here to read more about their experiences of SHGs.    



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