Puran Ram: Co-founder & Senior Master Trainer

Puran co-founded the Guild and has over 21 years experience in bio-gas and other appropriate technologies.  Without any schooling, Puran started work at 12 years of age, assisting his father to build rural homes and schools.  A highly skilled mason, Puran says compared to building houses, developing community-led technology in water, sanitation and renewable energy projects is really challenging, but the results make the hard work involved more than worthwhile.  Puran was born in 1958, and has been married for 32 years with 5 children.  Puran Ram-ji or Topiwalla as he is affectionately called by most people, is a leader in the drinking water sector in Uttarakhand. His knowledge regarding location of potential Infiltration Wells is comparable to the inventor, Dr Tim Rees.